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Turnkey Solutions Overview

Turnkey Solutions is a performance improvement consulting firm dedicated to providing results-driven strategies that cut costs and improve efficiency. With an average experience level of twenty years in the industry, our  consultants  are passionate about delivering customized technology solutions and sound process improvements that solve even the most complex business challenges. We facilitate the achievement of strategic goals by showing our clients ways to maximize technology, optimize resources and streamline operational processes to support business growth and impact the bottom line.

From an organizational perspective, we assist businesses in crafting strategic goals and creating road maps to achieve desired outcomes. This includes delivery and implementation of technology recommendations, and provision of 360 degree operational assessments closely analyzing the people, processes and systems that impact performance. Finally, we take a people-focused approach to change management, founded upon employee ownership and personal responsibility for the achievement of organizational goals and strategies. We help our clients to create programs that will bring the organization together and highlight the keys to success.

Additional services we provide include requirements gathering, RFP generation and project management for our clients.


Our expertise is finding customized solutions to difficult business issues and assisting our clients to implement those solutions.

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