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Turnkey Solutions Overview

Turnkey Solutions is a nationally recognized business operations consulting firm dedicated to providing results-driven strategies   that save time and money. With an average experience level of twenty yearPrs in the industry, our  consultants  are passionate about delivering vendor agnostic technology solutions and financially-sound process improvements that solve even the most complex business challenges. We facilitate the achievement of your strategic goals by showing you ways to maximize technology, optimize resources and streamline operational processes to support business growth and impact the bottom line.

 We specialize in working with businesses to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency. From an organizational perspective, this begins with assisting businesses in crafting their strategic goals and creating a road map to achieve desired outcomes. This includes implementing or making technology recommendations that improve efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, we provide 360 degree operational assessments closely analyzing people and processes that impact performance. We work with you to create customized building blocks that bring you to success in the most efficient way, while being sensitive to your budget and resources. Finally, we are huge advocates of training as a foundational change agent in organizations. We help you to create the types of programs that will bring the organization together and highlight the keys to success. Complementary services include requirements gathering, RFP generation and project management for our clients.

Our expertise is finding customized solutions to difficult business issues and assisting our clients to implement those solutions.

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