Case Study

Improving Customer Service for a Southern Municipal Water Department 

Client Background and Overview

When a large municipal water department in the southern United States was faced with customer service issues such as long wait times, unclear communication, and the need for multiple calls to resolve issues, they knew something had to change. That’s when they turned to Turnkey Solutions for help. Turnkey’s team of experts was hired to conduct a thorough assessment of their operations and provide recommendations for improvement.


The water department was facing a number of challenges that were hindering their ability to deliver the level of service their customers deserved. One major issue was the 311 Call Center’s inability to accurately track the volume of calls coming in for the water department. In addition, not all representatives were equipped to handle complex billing calls, causing frustration for customers. Duplicate entry of information was also a problem, as systems were not fully integrated. However, the most pressing issue was the attrition of call center representatives due to COVID-19, resulting in longer wait times and delays in resolving customer issues.


To tackle the challenges faced by the southern residential water department, Turnkey Solutions took a comprehensive approach by conducting a thorough assessment of the current situation. Turnkey’s team analyzed analytics reports from the 311 Call Center, conducted interviews with 311 personnel, and researched best practices from 25 cities in the U.S. that had their own water departments. They also analyzed the IVR system and how calls were currently routed, as well as staffing requirements and software platforms and tools.

After careful analysis, Turnkey Solutions recommended a pilot call center to address the department’s customer service issues. To minimize the impact on other areas of the department, the pilot was staffed with two teams, allowing personnel to work their regular jobs part-time while the pilot was in session. The team also recommended dashboards and reports to be used during the pilot to track progress and ensure success.


The pilot call center was a resounding success. Turnkey’s innovative solutions and expert recommendations resulted in shorter wait times, improved communication, and quicker resolution of customer issues. The water department was able to provide better service to their customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


By partnering with Turnkey Solutions, the southern residential water department was able to address the challenges it faced and improve its customer service. The successful pilot call center led to improved communication and quicker resolution of customer issues, demonstrating the value of strategic planning and collaboration in addressing complex business challenges.