Case Study

Turnkey Solutions Helps Local School District Overcome IT Help Desk Crisis During COVID-19 Pandemic with ProcedureFlow

Client Background and Overview

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a sudden and significant shift to remote operations in many industries, and the education sector was no exception. A local school district was faced with a daunting challenge when they had to switch to remote learning without warning. Parents and teachers were struggling with the school’s hardware and software platforms, resulting in a deluge of calls to the IT Help Desk. Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of calls, the IT leadership team set up a “war room” to provide additional assistance to the beleaguered Help Desk.

To address this crisis, the municipality turned to Turnkey Solutions for a solution. The need was immediate, and Turnkey Solutions was tasked with finding a way to resolve the issue promptly.


The school district’s 10-person IT Help Desk was inundated with calls from parents and teachers who were grappling with the complexities of remote learning technologies. Unfortunately, the Help Desk personnel were not equipped to handle the complex questions that were being asked. They were forced to spend a significant amount of time researching multiple systems, which led to an increase in average handle time and wait time. Frustrated callers were left with unsolved problems and had to call back, thereby doubling and tripling the call volume. The situation seemed impossible.


Turnkey Solutions recommended ProcedureFlow, a cutting-edge platform that presents knowledge articles in the form of a process flow. With ProcedureFlow, Help Desk agents could easily navigate through the flow that applied to a specific software platform, quickly find the right question to ask the customer, and follow the flow to provide a resolution. This approach eliminated the need for time-consuming research or reading through long articles, drastically reducing the time needed to respond to customers.

Thanks to ProcedureFlow, the school district was able to quickly hire and train additional Help Desk agents, enabling them to put more people on the phone and reduce wait times. The platform’s intuitive interface reduced training time by an impressive 50% to 75%, allowing IT leadership to return to their individual projects. As a result, the school system crisis was resolved, and the district was able to continue delivering high-quality remote learning to its students.


ProcedureFlow provided the school district with a highly effective solution to their overwhelming IT Help Desk call volume. With Turnkey’s solution, the school district saw a reduction in average handle time, wait time, and volume of callbacks for incorrect information. This allowed the Help Desk to handle a higher volume of calls, reducing the number of frustrated parents and teachers.  


Overall, ProcedureFlow was a highly effective solution that significantly improved the school district’s IT Help Desk operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Turnkey Solutions provided a valuable solution for the school district, enabling schools to continue delivering high-quality remote learning to their students.