The Educational Partnership Project (EPP)

Bridging Hearts, Minds & Communities Together

What Is the Educational Partnership Project (EPP)?

This is a concept that seeks to assist educational institutions to improve their performance while reducing or possibly eliminating the cost burden of engaging a consulting firm, and simultaneously providing funding and practical experience for their students.

It provides for partnering with the institution, its professors and its students, to bring business consulting services that will benefit the school and its students.  The idea is that students from the school would work with Turnkey Solutions to complete each engagement under our expert guidance. The school would benefit from the work and the students would learn about business and get real business on-the-job experience.

Benefits of EPC for the Institution

Such a partnership would provide an opportunity for the school to address some of the key issues that most educational institutions struggle with. Examples of possible challenges to attack together might include:

  • Improving the Admissions/Enrollment Process
  • Improving Customer Service
  • Improving student retention rate
  • Improving graduation rate
  • Improving Financial Aid process
  • Improving Security within the school

Once we work with you to identify the direction you want to go, we will create a scope of work and a timeline, begin to interview the students you present as the best match for the project and then begin the work.

Additional benefits include:

  • The ability for the school provide a unique, hands on opportunity for students to learn business practices within the organization of their own school.
  • Providing an opportunity for the school to create its own studies showcasing it’s original approach to solving issues that plague most institutions
  • Providing a unique learning experience at the undergraduate level, which would cause the school to stand out and attract students that might not have considered previously considered it.
Benefits to the Student

The partnership would provide tremendous opportunities for students as well, including:

  • Gaining valuable practical/career experience
  • Providing an additional means of income to assist students in funding their education
  • Providing valuable mentoring and encouragement – helping them to see options for their future that they may not have considered
  • Giving future graduates practical experience in the work place to help build their resume