IT Help Desk Consolidation

Client Background and Overview

As part of a city-wide customer service reorganization effort, a major city’s information technology department was challenged with consolidating three help desks into one. These three help desks had always functioned independently, and had very different service levels, processes and personnel. They serviced three different departments with different needs, were independently organized and using individual applications and technology tools to achieve their objectives.  The challenge was to determine the best approach to consolidate processes, personnel and technology tools across these three service centers.


The city engaged Turnkey Solutions, LLC to provide the strategy and road map to consolidate processes, procedures and staff across the three call centers and to implement the right technology solution. Turnkey mapped processes across the departments, assessed the strengths and weaknesses of each and made recommendations, identifying gaps and using ITIL methodology to consolidate processes.

From a technology perspective, the Numara Help Desk Application was purchased to provide efficient distribution of tickets and accurate reporting. Turnkey Solutions worked with the City to ensure the application was configured to accomplish current objectives in each call center as well as accommodate the consolidation requirements of future phases. In addition, Turnkey Solutions developed and delivered citywide training, so that customers of the three centers would understand the new processes and the new technology. The training was delivered both as instructor led training and online, to accommodate new customers over time.


The implementation went smoothly and each of the three call centers were able to merge their reporting functions as part of the first phase of the project. From the initial cut over, customer complaints were infrequent, and could easily be responded to by directing them to the online training provided.

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